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Stirling engine

Ce site appartient au réseau de sites relatifs aux moteurs à air chaud ou moteurs à apport de chaleur externe

Improvements of this site

January 07, 2009:

Presentation of the site

Presentation is slightly modified. It better meets the spirit of the International XHTML and CSS standards.
A list of links has been added to access other sites on the hot-air engines:
- a general site about hot air engines.
- a site on the Ericsson engine.
- a site on the Manson engine.
These sites are, for instant, in French. Wait a moment for the translation...
Thank you to report anomalies that might result from these changes.
Happy reading!

December 25, 2008:


Link to the thesis "Hot air engines: study of a STIRLING engine and of an ERICSSON engine" sustained by Sébastien Bonnet.

December 21, 2008: a very bad news

I just learned with great sadness the decease of Fernand . You can see his achievements on the first page "Achievements" .
He will remain for all fans of Stirling engine a reference on the technical level but also in human terms.
Have a thought for him and all his relatives.

December 18, 2008:


Gamma Stirling engine by Jean-Pol Willot. A very beautiful engine !

November 14, 2008:


Now, a new Java software is avaible to download.
It is associated to the article of Serge Klutchenko : "Analysis of the Stirling cycle".
After the worksheet made by Jean-Pierre Van Dormael, it is a new mean to calculate your Stirling engine.

October 11, 2008:

Publication of the English Forum

I hope this forum will be useful for you.
It allow to exchange with other fans of Stirling engine.

April 7, 2008:

Publication of the English version of the website "Any knowledge on the Stirling engine"

I am very happy to publish this English version of my website.
I hope you will be interested by it. I wish you read it with pleasure and you learn many things about this marvellous invention!
Excuse me for the translation, perhaps with my "personnal English"? Indicate me the imperfections, thank you. Here my e-mail Webmaster.

One of my friends will verify this web site. English is her mother tongue. Be reassured !

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This site was created and is maintained by Pierre Gras. Thank you with all the people who contributed their shares: articles, photographs, videos, worksheets. The author is opened with any suggestion allowing to improve this site for happiness of everybody. Finally, a big thank you to Robert Stirling !

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