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Stirling engine

Ce site appartient au réseau de sites relatifs aux moteurs à air chaud ou moteurs à apport de chaleur externe


Photograph of Pierre Gras, webmaster

Name : Pierre Gras
64 years old, residing at the foot of the mounts of Bugey in Ain
ENSAM Engineer
Professional experience: 25 years in the field of energy production (design, maintenance, improvements) by occupying various technical or management functions.
N.B. : Stirling engine has never been part of my professional field!
E-mail address :Webmaster e-mailfor any contact relating to this website: correction of errors, proposal for an improvement of the content or the presentation. (but I can not help you to repair your engines or to do your school exercises!)

My hobbies:

Beraudes lake

The photograph opposite represents several of my hobbies in the life. Firstly, the love of the mountains that I frequent throughout the year. I practiced climbing for a long time and a little paragliding. Now I have opted for hiking, mountain biking or ski (alpine or nordic).
Under the name Marius Bernard, I am also a fan of photography, for 35 years now. I like to take pictures of landscapes, flora and fauna.
During fifteen years, I devoted myself to these hobbies with a faithful companion, Pirate, which adored to run, to swim and to play with all the sticks, happy to meet you. This dog was a Border Collie, it is a dog of Scottish descent, as Robert Stirling ! Its qualities are used to keep sheep or cows. However, it can be an excellent dog of company but it needs many exercises
With that, I added, recently, the work of wood found during these walks.

I also had the chance to travel in the majority of the European countries (Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Bulgaria, Turkey, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, England, Sweden, Denmark), but also in Egypt and Japan. For me, travels are source of instructive meetings, they make it possible to widen our field of vision of the world, especially to tolerate, to accept the differences.

In mountain, in France or abroad, I do not miss any occasion to taste the local dishes and wines. I do not remember to have been hungry or thirsty, anywhere!

I am also a music lover, I like all the musics but more specifically the ones of Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven. The Renaissance music also gives me a great satisfaction like, in a lesser extent, the jazz or rock musics.

Let me conclude by quoting NGO which promote the education of children in the world. Education is a major lever of sustainable development. In my country, going to school is a duty. In many countries, it is necessary that this becomes a right. If you feel ready to sponsor a child, a class or a specific project, do it !

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This site was created and is maintained by Pierre Gras. Thank you with all the people who contributed their shares: articles, photographs, videos, worksheets. The author is opened with any suggestion allowing to improve this site for happiness of everybody. Finally, a big thank you to Robert Stirling !

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